A “blunt” new marketing campaign in light of Colorado’s new law


Going to college in Washington, a state known for its liberal beliefs, I know a thing or two about a society of recreational pot users. Ahhhem… college students. Back in November of 2012 Washington and Colorado residents voted for the recreational use of marijuana to be legalized. Now, the beginning of 2014, Colorado’s new law was put into place and pot smokers flocked to the new green state to celebrate.

In light of the new law, Spirit Airlines kicked off a new promotion offering customers to “get mile high” with $10 off flights to Colorado. Brian Green, PR News Online explains that Spirit is not the only company to join the marijuana marketing bandwagon. An agent at brokerage firm in Denver recently launched his “420 Friendly Realty Broker” to pull in more clients. Taco Bell also has come out with recent advertisements promoting customers to satisfy their “late night munchies.” Jack in the Box launched its Munchies Meal campaign “to mellow even the meanest manifestation of the munchies.”

In light of the new marijuana coverage, professionalism needs to remain. Though Spirit Airlines marketed Colorado’s new law, they approached it in a professional matter, relating it to the new legislation while keeping a light and witty tone. I wonder, though, what kind of customers will be wanting to fly Spirit Airlines now?

The Article: http://www.prnewsonline.com/water-cooler/2014/01/08/get-mile-high-spirit-airlines-experiments-with-marijuana-marketing/

Sources: PRNewsonline.com, Ryot.org, Inman.com


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